OSCE Manager

  1. Manage simulated patients

    Screenshot of OSCE Managers' simulated patient management screen
  2. Design the circuits

    Screenshot of OSCE Managers' circuit definition screen
  3. Write roles for simulated patients

    Screenshot of OSCE Managers' role database
  4. View, edit and print time tables

    Screenshot of OSCE Managers' timetable and assignment screen
  5. Analyse examination results

    Screenshot of OSCE Managers' statistical analysis module

Organize OSCEs effectively and efficiently

The OSCE Manager is a web application that helps you organize OSCEs or Objective Structured Clinical Examinations as they are conducted in medical schools around the world. It was developed at the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel. The OSCE Manager consists of a database for simulated patients, examiners and role definitions that can all be easily accessed to help organize exams. Of course every organisational aspect of conducting an OSCE is covered by the application as well.

As of July 2013, the OSCE Manager is in practical use at the University of Basel for planning and conductiong OSCEs. It is available in German and English, but translations to further languages can easily be implemented.

Learn more about the OSCE Manager

We hope we sparked your interest in our software application. The best way to see how the OSCE Manager can support you in organising your OSCE is if you first watch the OSCE Manager introduction video on the left. To learn more about the features of the OSCE Manager or if you want to know the requirements to run it, please have a look at the modules section of our website or you can skim the user documentation. Are you interested in running the software at your University? We can probably help you with our services.

Since our application is open source software licensed under the GNU GPL, you are free to participate in the development. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us!